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A community for furs who don't do drugs
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Furries Who Don't Use Drugs

A simple discussion-based community for furs who choose to live life without cannabis, cocaine, heroine or other illegal chemical drugs.

People choose to take drugs for a whole variety of reasons. Similarly, some people choose not to. Some of us don't think it's right to do it, or perhaps they know someone who's been hurt by it, or perhaps the medical evidence of the dangers is simply too much to ignore. If any of these and other reasons might apply to you, welcome aboard.

We're not here to tell people what to do, even if we think that it's wrong. We're here to exchange personal stories and discussions on the real dangers of drugs and explore the growing mountain of medical evidence against them. We're not here to attack others. Similarly we're not here to be attacked by others - this is a community where people can discuss such things safely, therefore trolls aren't tolerated.

So if you've chosen a life without drugs, for whatever reason, pull up a comfy chair and say hello.

For the sake of things going smoothly, we need to institute the following rules:

1.) No Trolling Discussions are tolerated, but please do not post with the intention to inflame others (either on this community or any other) for your amusement.

2.) Limit Profanity Face it, we all swear in one way of another. It's normal. However, it makes people look uneducated when used. Lets all try to play nice. It also seems to help with trolling issues.

3.) User Icons Please refrain form the use of pornographic images when posting in this community as some members may be minors.

4.) Livejournal's TOS This community is housed here at the pleasure of LiveJournal. As such, please follow the rules set up by the Terms Of Service.

Any violation of these rules will first result in a warning and then action to be determined by the moderator.

Questions and comments can be sent to guma.kawauso@NOSPAMgmail.com